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Step One - coverStep One
On the Journey from Addiction to Recovery

The Essential Journey Series

"Wonderful!" is not a full enough word to convey the complexity of meaning, layer upon layer of revelation or strength of expression. yet, I have to say, it was wonderful! This is a journey through Step One like no other and can tap the very core of the newcomer, the old-timer and the "in-betweenr."

Thank you for sharing in a way few can, from the song of your heart to the tune of ours.
Shelley Marshall, author of Day By Day and the Pocket Sponsor

"A journey from powerlessness to liberation through searing imagery and evocative music."

In an addictive society we all are touched by the toxic effects of addiction. This work is for people who are committed to guiding themselves or others into recovery and healing.

"Join me on this emotional, intellectual, and spiritual experience from breakdown to breakthrough...in a mere fifteen minutes."
Listen to a one minute sample from the cd.

Step One (mp3) 626k

 Set of 4 copies (CDs w/booklet)

Written and narrated by Errol Strider
Music composed by Charles Moselle
Published by Strider Innertainment

Page 1  
Step One -page 1   "I didn't know that I was headed for the bottom when I started out toward the top."
Page 2    
Step One - page 2   "My upward descent began with high hopes and an inflated sense of my own importance unaware, of course, of the insolent fear waiting to nab me to cut me down and turn my bright, engorged dreams... into nightmares."
Page 3    
Step One - page 3   "Oh, the process began innocently enough - the effervescence of youth lining up at the salad bar of success, picking and choosing my image as I filled up my plate with pre-sweetened, pre-fabricated illusions of my self... with a half life of half my life."

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